albert benaroyaAlbert Benaroya,  Israeli Artist of Judaica and Still Life

By the twenty-fifth of Kislev, we are ready to experience the deepest moment of winter …

By the twenty-fifth of every lunar month, the moon has gone into exile. The nights are dark, and getting darker. And late in Kislev, we are close to the moment of the winter solstice – when the sun is also in exile. The day is at it’s shortest and the night at it’s longest, before the sunlight begins to return.

It is the darkest moment of the year, the moment when it is easiest to believe that the light will never return; the moment it is easiest to feel despair.

At this moment, we celebrate Hanukkah.*

Download DIY Hanukkah – 2

* Arthur Waskow, Seasons of Our Joy, pg. 87

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  1. Hello, This is a wonderful guide. Is it ok to post it to share with readers on my blog? I will put it as a link on the sidebar, and just wanted to let you know and make sure if it is ok to share it there. Many thanks and blessings!! Happy Hannukah!

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