El Adon – Yossi Azulay

El Adon - Yossi Azulay

Download El Adon lyrics here.

Yossi Azulay is one of Israel’s leading popular singers today. He has recorded two beautiful  Prayer or Tefilot albums. This is a sample track of a centuries old prayer prayed during the Shabbat morning service in a synagogue.

El Adon – God, LORD of all creation. As Rabbi Jonathan Sacks describes: “It is a hymn of praise to God as Creator of the heavens, stars and celestial forces.” Hence the footnote at the end of the poem referring to the signs of the zodiac (Please note the reference is not to astrology and horoscopes. Rather, it is to the astronomical wonders of the Universe.)

Reference also is made to the Merkava / Chariot, which is considered a mystical or Kabbalistic concept. Please don’t let that concern you, The concept is based on Ezekiel’s vision of the Divine chariot (Chapter 1).

The prayer is structured as an alphabetical acrostic; which is an excellent memory tool. The song is sung through twice, the second time with translation, to enable you to follow more easily. Enjoy!

Listen to El Adon, sang by Yossi Azulay posted below.

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We highly recommend Yossi Azulay’s complete album Prayers, Vol. 1

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  1. Sondra, he has an amazing voice – and truly sings from the heart. I think you would enjoy his ‘Tefilot’ – Prayer CD! I have both 1 & 2 and never tire of them. They are all based on Scripture.

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