Festival Cycle Dates 5778 – 2017 / 2018

He leads me in cycles of righteousness,
for His Name’s sake.
Psalm 23:3

In our lives, we are all ceaseless time-travelers as we move from moment to moment, event to event. But the maps of time are hard to attain and even harder to read. Many of us find ourselves seeming to stand still in our lives and yet time whizzes by until suddenly we approach our end of days…

The special days of the Festival Cycle are not random moments scattered over the year, but purposeful occurrences… One can say that the festivals act as lodgings for travelers making their way through the year. These ‘festival inns’ are special accommodations not solely for rest or retreat from the world, but also places to halt and take our bearings to make sure we are moving forward and not just going around in circles. These are inns not for sleeping but rather for awakening…*

Download: Festival Cycle Dates 5778

* Michael Strassfeld, The Jewish Holidays, 1

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