Ha’Chazarah – החזרה – A Rosh Chodesh Study for Women – Introduction

******** Starting this week with the Hebrew month of KISLEV *******

Although, technically, Kislev is not the first month of the Hebrew Annual Cycle, it is an auspicious month that marks the hidden potential – life in the womb, as it were – that is being nurtured through the dark Winter months. As such it carries the promise and hope of new beginnings.

Baruch Nachshon

I have come into My garden, My sister, My bride!
Song of Songs 5:1

Ha’Chazarah – a noun meaning the reflection, with an implication of light. It also is related to the verb lach’zor, which captures the meanings of to return, to restore, to reflect. The natural monthly cycle, marked by Rosh Chodesh, embraces all these various meanings.

The monthly cycle of the moon is supernaturally linked with a woman’s cycle. As women, we have a unique contribution to make in God’s ultimate purpose of Creation. We have a vital role to play in reversing the curse that occurred at the expulsion from Gan Eden and in bringing a redemptive restoration of the beauty of the Garden of God and the Delight of His Presence. It is worthy of note that Yeshua was raised to new resurrection life in a garden and the first to see him was a woman, his beloved disciple Miryam mi’Migdal, Mary Magdalene.

As the Word made flesh, Yeshua proclaimed himself to be the Light of the world. The Word came down from Heaven to be the Light in the darkness. We can aim to be Ha’Chazarah (shel Ohr), the Reflection (of that Light), that shines in the world and that raises up praise and glory to the Source from which it came.

With each Rosh Chodesh study we aim to note the characteristics of the month and to explore feminine spirituality in the Word of God and the Light of Yeshua. We trust this will bring deeper understanding of our role in this crucial era of God’s Redemption.

We are so excited to have you join us on this monthly journey!

Blessings of strength and inspiration,
Keren and Cindy

* Artwork: Baruch Nachshon

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