Ha’Chazarah – KISLEV – The Ninth Hebrew Month


~ the specifically feminine study of the Hebrew months.

Brave men, not deterred at the thought of exploring the feminine side
of their natures,
are more than welcome too!

The month of Kislev falls during the final days of Autumn. The surroundings are vibrant with the reds and golds of the season, but the days are shorter and the hours of darkness lengthen. The cold of Winter is beginning to set in.

The festival of Hanukkah  – Feast of Dedication – is celebrated at this time of the year, always on 25th Kislev, and it’s flickering lights invite us into this sacred space of warmth and holiness.

May you be blessed with strength and inspiration month by month,

                                Keren & Cindy

Download here:  Ha’Chazarah – KISLEV

One thought on “Ha’Chazarah – KISLEV – The Ninth Hebrew Month

  1. Full of light and meaning and I’m looking forward to lighting my Hanukkah candles each night. One thing I love about all the feasts is that they are time to reflect and grow. Especially enjoyed reading the paragraph about when the consonants of a word are reversed!

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