Ha’Chazarah – SHEVAT – The Eleventh Hebrew Month


Sap Rises

Singing Psalms in Jerusalem
Swaying blue-striped tents of white
dot this sanctuary of time.
Tefillin, carrying the Word, light the way.
Tzitizit dance gently, accompanying
the prayers chanted this New Moon eve;
a psalm of love to our Creator.
Open hands uplifted to Heaven,
herald Shevat, and remind us:
We need not suffer thirst.
Living Water from Heaven’s stream
always flows, quenches, restores.
Like sweet sap rises
and fans a tiny flame into a burning fire.*

Shevat comes in the deep of winter. It is the time that the sap in the trees begins to rise, running through the veins of the trees, feeding it for the year to come. The dormant tree is waking from its winter’s sleep.

This is a time that reminds us that although the tree looks dead–no greenery, no fruit–inwardly there is much life.

The trees of the Lord are full of sap; the cedars of Lebanon, which He has planted… (Psalm 104:16)

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**Inspired by Velveteen Rabbi, Rosh Chodesh Shevat ~ adapted by Keren & Cindy

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