Ha’Chazarah – TAMMUZ – The Fourth Hebrew Month



May it be G-d’s will that His Presence lives in the work of your hands.**

Tammuz brings together loss (and all loss contains – grief, anger, pain… brokenness) and the potential for chesed, with chesed’s potential for healing and rejoicing.

The book of Ezekiel, which begins in the month of Tammuz, is especially noted for showing G-d’s saving purposes in the history of the world and His future work in history.

This month is a perfect time to ask the question, “How does G-d’s chesed play a saving purpose in the world and how can I partner with Him in His healing work?”

Download HaChazarah – TAMMUZ 4

* David Baruch Wolk, Kindness And Mercy Are Before HaShem’s Glory
** Sifre to Bamidbar, 143

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