Enjoy A Purim Puppet Show — Make Your Own Hand Puppets

Purim Puppets

  1. Print out the hand puppet pattern provided below.
  2. Cut out the pattern and pin to a piece of felt (or fabric of your choice) and cut out two pieces.
  3. Glue (or sew) the two pieces together leaving the bottom open.
  4. Cut a round or oval piece for each face and clue to the puppet.
  5. Attach eyes, brows, hair, a crown, a beard…
  6. Draw a nose and mouth.
  7. Embellish with sequins, rhinestones, jewels, trim…

Be creative and have fun!

Use your puppets to enact the story of Esther.

For a condensed story of  Esther click link below:

(See Purim Part 2)

We would love to see your finished puppets!

Note Gluing can be a messy process. To avoid the front and back from sticking together from excess glue insert a piece of cardboard into your puppet while working with it.

Hand Puppet Pattern

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  1. Puppets pump the laughter out of little ones, and large: Like the boat on the river pushed by tugs called a barge. So God tugs puppeteers to
    tell the truth to show: Timely truths
    of character, such blessings to

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