He Stands by us – Vehi Sheamda – Yossi Azulay

Vehi Sheamda – He Stands by Us

 It is this – His salvation – that has stood by us through all generations.

A song from the Passover Haggadah – the Exodus story read at the Passover Seder – tells of the enemies that have risen up against the Jews in every generation, in their attempt to deny and dishonor God through the eradication of His people. But  God – Blessed be His Name – is faithful to deliver us from their hands.

Ve’hi sheamda le’avoteinu ve’lanu.
She’loh echad bilvad amad aleinu le’chaloteinu
Elah she’bechol dor va’dor omdom aleinu le’chaloteinu.
Ve’haKadosh Baruch Hu matzileinu mi’yadam.

It is this  {His salvation] that has stood by our fathers and us:
For not only one [enemy] has risen up against us to destroy us
But in all generations they rise up against us to destroy us.
But the Holy One, Blessed is He, saves us from their hands.


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Yossi Azulay’s beautiful second CD of Prayers – Tefilot – includes this special song of a Passover prayer in the Haggadah – the Exodus account read at the Seder meal.

Listen to Vehi Sheamda , sang by Yossi Azulay posted below.

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We highly recommend Yossi Azulay’s complete album Prayers, Vol. 2 , which surpasses his Vol.1 if possible, and contains Shabbat songs such as ‘Shalom Aleichem Malchaei Ha’Melachim‘, Boi Kalah – Come oh Bride; and Adon Olam – Lord of All; also the beautiful Traveller’s Prayer – Tefilat HaDerech, and Shabachi Yerushalayim, and Rachem – Comfort Your City Jerusalem and Your people Israel,  all rendered in Azulay’s unique, smooth and soothing Sephardic style. It’s a blessing!

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