Hebrew Exercises – Self-correct ANSWERS

EXERCISE 1. Vocab.

 In the paragraph below, find the correct word or phrase that matches the  Hebrew words in the list.  Fill them in or write out both lists for practice!

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good, and God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light day and the darkness He called night. He separated the dry land from the waterof the seas.

     the earth      הארץ.      sea        ים          in the beginning    בראשית

the heavens       השמים           good  טוב                          created  ברה                                                            

darkness       חוֹשֶך                   night        לאילה                    light  אור

   God          אלֹהים           and there was      וְהַיהַ             water    מיים    



EXERCISE 2 . Vocab.

The root word rosh –  ראש  – means the beginning, or the head of;  something important.

Match the Hebrew words with the meanings:

ראש השנה  /  ראש בית ספר   /  ראש חודש   /  ראש הממשלה    /   הראש שלי

1. Beginning of a new month – ראש חודש

2. School principal / head of a school – ראש בית ספר

3. My head! –  הראש שלי

4. The Prime Minister –  ראש הממשלה

5. New Year / the beginning of the year – ראש השנה



EXERCISE 3.   Nouns – masculine and feminine

A. Copy the columns and fill in the missing nouns from the list:

בַנַמַה, יַלְדָה, בת, אוֹטוֹבוס, אַבָה, יַרֵאַח, בָיִתת , תמונה

boy  – yeled – יֵלֵד                           girl – yaldah – יַלְדָה,

father – abbaאַבָה                       mother – imah – אִימָא

son – ben –  בֵן                              daughter – bat – בת

book – sefer –  סֵפֶר                        picture – temunahתמונה

house – bayitבָיִת                      candle – ner –  נֵר

bus – ohtobus – אוֹטוֹבוס                 ship – ohniah – אֱנִייָה

orange – tappuz – תַפוז                  banana – bananahבַנַמַה


B. The Definite Article – ‘ha’ – 

By adding the definite article hey –  – as a prefix before the noun, you form a defining noun. E.g., a boy, yeled,  יֵלֵד   becomes the boy – ha‘yeled –  הָיֵלֵד

Do the same with the other nouns in the lists above.

C. Singular and Plural

Generally, masculine nouns in the plural form are given the suffix – im – יִם and feminine plurals are given  – ot – וֹת. E.g., boy – boys, yeled – yeladim – יֵלַדִים; girl – girls, yaldah – yeladot – יְלַדוֹת

These change the form of the word somewhat, as do: sons – banim and daughters – banot.

Fathers also are exceptions – avot , while mothers simply add an ‘ot’ –  ima’ot.

Write the plural forms of the remaining nouns in A.,
which simply receive the general endings im and ot.

סֵפֶר  – ספרים

תמונה  –  תמונות

בית   – בתים

נר – נרות

אותובוס – אוטובוסים    

אנייה – אונייות

תפוז – תפוזים

בננה – בננות


EXERCISE 4 – Nouns and Adjectives

Match the Hebrew word or phrase with the phrases below.

יוֹם אַרוֹך , הָבַיִת הָקַטַן , סֵפֶר טוֹב , בתִים גְדוֹלִים ,  המִִיכְתַב , הָיַלְדָה הָיַפָה , הָאַח שֵלוֹ , גַן יְלַדִים

ספר טוב , הָכֶלֶב שֵלִי , סוסים גדולים , השבוע

1. a good book     –   ספר טוב

2. the small house  –    הָבַיִת הָקַטַן

3. a children’s kindergarten –   גַן יְלַדִים

4. the letter –   המִִיכְתַב

5. his brother –  הָאַח שֵלוֹ

6. the pretty girl – הָיַלְדָה הָיַפָה

9. my dog – הָכֶלֶב שֵלִי

10. this week – השבוע

Homework Exercise 5 – La’Jiraf Yesh Tsavar Aroch – A Giraffe Has A Long Neck

VOCAB. EXERCISE 2 : Fill in the words of the song in English.

The giraffe has a long neck. He can see a bus before it leaves (goes out). And the sun before it dawns.

All that we can see, the giraffe sees before us (we do). He also gets remarks from those who see him:
“How good to be a tall animal!

The giraffe has a long neck.
He sees people at the edge of the world
and he predicts:
“Friends, in two months there will be rain!”

From the height of the giraffe we all look short. And the biggest problems we have
all look like small dots to the giraffe!

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  1. I find ” Hebrew Exercises Self -correct ANSWERS ” very helpful as it helps to structures my learning and gets you writing and sounding out the words at the same time . Most of us in reality are visual learners and therefore writing and sounding the words at the same time helps to imprint the letters , sounds and word meanings into my mind simultaneously and repetition is the key to remembering.

    • Shalom Lionel, I’m so pleased the Self-Correct Answers are helping. By the way, have you contacted Cindy about your prize copy of ‘A Taste of Torah’? Blessings to you.

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