HEBREW EYES? 5.11 mins

My Little Place In Jerusalem 5

Hebrew Eyes? – 5.11 minutes


The Bible you are reading is the Hebrew Bible, but are you reading it with Hebrew eyes?

If the meaning of Scripture is contained and hidden in the text, then the language and the tools of the language, are vital for clear understanding.

Israel is restored…and Hebrew, the ancient and original tongue of the Bible, has been restored. And we, each one of us, both Jew and Christian, have the privilege of participating in God’s ongoing, creative work of Redemption.

~Keren Hannah Pryor

5 thoughts on “HEBREW EYES? 5.11 mins

  1. My walk with G-d has never been the same since studying with Hebrew eyes…..I LOVE it & can’t get enough…..it’s depths are never ending and I’m never ceased being amazed!!

  2. Seeing through “Hebrew Eyes” was a life changing revelation for me! I first heard about it from Dwight. 🙂

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