Hebrew Learning Links

Shalom talmidim – Greetings students!

There are many very good on-line sites for learning Hebrew and different possibilities depending on your level and interests.

If you are a beginner, we invite you to make a start with our 24 lesson basic course here on His-Israel, Hebrew Bytes – Yvrit Le’at Le’at. This will give you a hopefully easy and enjoyable way to lay a good  foundation and become familiar with the Aleph-Bet and with Modern Hebrew.



Of course, the best option is to come and spend a while in Israel, enjoy an intense 3 month Ulpan and immerse in the richness of the culture at the same time! There are also personalized courses online, e.g. with Ulpan Shorashim,  or a summer school course at Hebrew University – as well as many other options.

Whatever you choose, the main thing is simply to start with the Aleph-Bet and go from there. Every letter and word is a treasure.

Shalom, Shalom! ‘Bye, and go in Peace!



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Ancient Hebrew Research Center

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