Hillel Sandwich – especially for Pesach

Hillel Sandwich 10152564_10152626921416917_1415600913_n (1) IMG_1143

Recipe ~ Keren Hannah

The Hillel Sandwich is created especially for the Pesach Seder but is good to enjoy as a sweet treat all through the Passover week – and, in fact, anytime!

For the basis of the sandwich, you need matzah – and, as an option, butter to butter it with. Then simply spread with the charoset mixture and enjoy the crunch of the matzah together with the moist sweetness of the charoset. Dreamy!

Filling: There are so many varieties of charoset but, as a sweet treat, I really enjoy this Persian Charoset


1  x 6 oz. packet each of ground walnuts and ground almonds (1 ½ cups)
½ cup ground pistachio nuts (shelled first of course)
1 cup date paste
½ cup raisins, ground
½ cup grape juice or wine
1 banana, mashed
1 apple, peeled and ground  2 tablespoons mixed spice (mix equal parts of cardomum, cinnamon, ginger – or similar spices you have at hand)

Grind all ingredients together into a wet paste.

Keep refrigerated. If needed you can thin the mixture with grape juice or sweet wine.

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