HOLY THINGS? 4.10 mins

My Little Place In Jerusalem 5Holy Things – 4.10 minutes

The opposite of ‘holy’ is not ‘wicked.’ The six regular days of the week, as opposed to Shabbat are not ‘bad’ but are regarded as ‘ordinary’ in contrast to the one that was chosen and set apart by God for His purposes.

When the sacred things of God are scorned this, not surprisingly, carries over and results in the belittling and mocking of other people.

~ Keren Hannah

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  1. That really hit me like it never has the opposite of holy is ordinary. Thank you, that is something to think on for some time.

  2. Rena and Mike… another thought. The ultimate aim is to transform the ordinary into the holy. If not aiming towards holiness, the ‘ordinary’ can slide into idolatry and/or evil. At the End of Days, eternity will be a ‘day’ that is all Shabbat – i.e., all set apart to G-d.

  3. if a day will be all Shabbat, and that day will be eternity, as people who will have our new bodies, will we all be in some part of a vast complex where we shall all be worshipping Yeshua

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