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How Many Foreskins? ( 13.15 m)

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The brit milah, or circumcision, of a Jewish baby boy is a sign in the flesh which becomes a constant physical reminder of his unconditional covenant with God.

We may ask: “Why on the 8th day?” and “What about girls?”

There are 3 other foreskins to be circumcised. Are they also connected with the 8th day?

2 thoughts on “HOW MANY FORESKINS? 13.15 mins

  1. Beautiful and profound, the explanation of ‘Orlah’. This is the essence of what God does. What Jezus does. Removing the barriers from our hearts, ears and lips.

    I would like to suggest there is a fourth circumcision. One you already mentioned – that of the eyes.

    In the Gospels we read how the scales fell of the eyes of the disciples and the recognized the rizen King. How “something like scales” fell from the eyes of Paul and he could see again – but then also with new spiritual eyes.

    We read of Elisah who prayed that the eyes of his servant would be opened so that he could see the army of angels surrounding them on the mountains.

    We read how Jesus cures a blind in a way that profoundly touches me: what do you want me to do, He asks the blind. “My Lord, that I may see!” The first thing he saw was the Messiah himself!


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