ISRAEL An Echo Of Eternity (1) – The People And The Land

Israel - Echo
The People And The Land – 9.50 minutes


Israel reborn represents a breakthrough into whole new areas of experience and understanding. It defies conventional conceptions, ordinary expectations.
Its essence is a proclamation.

Israel is a miracle in disguise. Things look natural and conceal what is a radical surprise. Zion rebuilt becomes a harbinger of a new understanding, of how history is intertwined with mystery.

Israel is the opposite of commonplace, it is an extraordinary place, and it is on the verge of the extraordinary that we may encounter the marvel….It is an accord of a Divine promise and a human achievement.

To the Jewish people, Eretz Israel is home, hope  and all they can call their own.
It is not only memory, our past, that ties us to the Land, it is our hope, our future.

~ Keren Hannah

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Israel: An Echo of Eternity

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