ISRAEL An Echo Of Eternity (3) – The Final Redemption

Israel - Echo


The Final Redemption – 13.47 minutes


Not only is Redemption necessary for man, man is a necessity to Redemption. His actions are vital and affect the course of the process. Man holds the key that can unlock the chains fettering the Redeemer.

The heart of the relationship of God and man is reciprocity, interdependence. The task is to humanize the sacred and to sactify the secular.

The hope is for universal Redemption, for ontological transformation. Yet it seems that fulfillment will come about by degrees. …The point in history at which that restoration [of His Kingdom] will take place remains the secret of the Father.

“It was a hatred without cause that brought about the destruction of the Second Temple. It will be love without cause that will save Israel and all mankind.”
~ First Chief  Rabbi of British Mandate Palestine/Israel, Rabbi Avraham Yitzchak Kook


~ Keren Hannah


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