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Question 1 :  

To answer the questions, e.g., this first one, type Q1 and the letter and the  relevant scale number, from 1 – 10.      E.g.,  Q 1 :  a – 8 ; b – 7 ; c – 5

Q 1:

On a scale of 0 – 10,  how high would you rate the importance of the modern State of Israel…

(a) …in God’s present plan of Redemption for Israel and all the nations?

(b) …in your personal estimation?

(c) …in your church or community?


Questions 2 – 5

To answer  2 – 5 please list the Q number together with the appropriate letter.

E.g., Q2 – b; Q3 – a

Q 2 :

How would you describe your congregation’s attitude toward the Jewish people?

(a)  indifferent

(b)  tolerant

(c)   negative

(d)  positive

Q 3 :

How does standing in support of Israel affect your life?

(a)   not at all

(b)  marginally

(c)  sometimes

(d)  on a daily basis

Q 4 :

The Hebraic hermeneutic and perspective of the Bible, whether in study of the Hebrew or Apostolic Scriptures, is vital in gaining a full understanding of God’s Word. Agree?

(a)  No

(b)  Maybe

(c)  Yes, with some reservation

(d)  Absolutely yes

Q 5 :

How can we at His-Israel help increase and strengthen your knowledge of and connection with Israel and God’s purposes for her?

(a)  In presenting personal views of the Land and people

(b)  In Bible-based studies from the Hebraic perspective

(c)  Through news items

(d)  Exploring the Hebraic mindset and way of thinking.

(e)  Other?
Your effort and thought in responding are deeply appreciated. Thank you!


3 thoughts on “ISRAEL FEEDBACK

  1. Couldn’t fill answers beside Q’s; cursor refused to move. So here are Ans;
    Q1 a-9; b-9; c-5. Q2 -b; Q3 -d; Q4 -d; Q5 -b -d

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