ISRAELI HANDCRAFTED JEWELRY – The Ring – Jaffa Rd in Jerusalem




For unique, beautifully designed and hand made Israeli-styled jewelry, with both a contemporary and a biblical theme, please visit ‘The Ring’ and receive personal attention from long-time friends Hana and Bob Faber. They specialize in wedding rings  – as well as individual rings – fashioned from Hebrew names or Scripture verses.

Please mention my name and His-Israel if you make contact!

~Keren Hannah

A few examples:

A 3 & 4  “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine” ~ Ani l’dodi ve’dodi li
(Song of Songs 6:3)



A1Man’s ring:  14k gold Lion of Judah set in Sterling Silver etched with Jerusalem stone design.




Scripture Pendants in gold or silver: 






Earrings and pendant fashioned in silver and unique sea-green Eilat stone:




Quality and satisfaction guaranteed and they are exceptionally reliable with website orders and delivery.


Tel: 972-2-6231032  (Sun – Thurs 10:00 – 17:00)






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  1. Hi Keren, the jewelry looks lovely and your neighbour is very talented & creative to make this, I will peruse the selection!

  2. I purchases a ring from them during my 2013 trip to Israel – trust in the Lord in Hebrew. I wear it every day. Just love it. Excellent workmanship.

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