JERUSALEM of Gold, Stones, and Light – 12.30 mins



The wonder and beauty of Jerusalem make a deep impression. The bustle, the noise and the inevitable grime of any modern city, makes things look quite natural. Then suddenly, as if a veil is gently pulled aside for a lingering moment, one sees something of deep and breathtaking splendor. It’s a beauty that is different than is found in any other beautiful city. A quality one not only sees, but experiences with all one’s being. It is the revelation of a miracle concealed in the seemingly mundane. 

When I go to Israel every stone and every tree is a reminder of hard labor and glory, of prophets and psalmists, of loyalty and holiness, [We] go to Israel for renewal, for the experience of resurrection.

~ Abraham Joshua Heschel – Israel, An Echo of Eternity

Artwork: Alex Levine, Israel

JERUSALEM of Gold, Stones, and Light (12.30 minutes)

Download the transcript for H-I MLPJ 20 – Jerusalem of Gold

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