Blessed are You O Lord our God,
I dedicate the work of my hands to Your glory
and I ask for Your inspiration and anointing upon it. Amen

Experiences can fade with time and even be forgotten. A journal is a wonderful place to hold these memories. It is a place of return –  to contemplate healing and growth, to be encouraged and even at times to simply water the seeds that were planted long before. A journal can act as a mirror, a lens, or a window.

As technolgy and the keyboard or Smart-phone take over, the power of the personal, handwritten word is being rediscovered. Whether in a journal or a handwritten letter, the positive, and even healing, effects cannot be exaggerated. ~ Keren Hannah

Your journal is a place for you to be creative, to draw, doodle, record thoughts, quotes, poems, and Scriptures. It’s a safe place where you can have honest conversations without the worry of being misunderstood or rebuked.

If you haven’t previously developed the habit of journaling, we encourage you to begin with this very special Rosh Chodesh cycle. Not much is needed to join us on this adventure. Basically, you only need sheets of paper, a pen, and a binder to hold your thoughts and mementos of this season. The rest is up to you. Remember that you can journal with more than just words – include images, doodles, scribbles, and even tangible mementos.

Invite our Creator G-d into the heart of your journaling and enjoy!

Keren and Cindy

Each month we will provide a PDF download of Keren’s notes, including a journal page with ideas to respond to in connection with the themes of the month.

Here is a ‘Journal Page’, with the banner, that we invite you to download and use for your Ohr Kadosh – Being Holy; Being Whole  journaling adventure. Here, also, is an optional ‘Front Page’ download for your journal binder:

Journal Page

Front page

This is Cindy’s Journal cover, using a beautiful piece of her artwork.  We have made it available here for those who desire to download and make use of it:

Being Holy Being Whole Notebook Cover

Following are a few examples of my [Keren’s] past Journal notes. They include quotes, meaningful cards from friends, notes from othere sources and my own thoughts. I have kept these for years and I am amazed at how the Lord leads me to a specific one when I need to review the contents. This year, though, I aim to expand to include more drawing, sketches maybe, and illustrations! More color! There are always new possibilities. Simply enjoy making a start if you haven’t journaled before.

* From the same root as chodesh (month) and chadash (new), the Hebrew word chidushim means new insight and thoughts; fresh inspiration.


  1. I love it. I imagine HaShem journals about us daily as well and I wonder what images, thoughts, reflections and prayers, blessings and more He has recorded about us!

  2. I have been keeping journals for years and lately decided to do it on my iPad. Thanks to this beautiful front cover I have decided to return to my handwritten journals again. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Irma you are so welcome! Are you on facebook? We have a small – private group called Being Holy; Being Whole where we encourage the medium of Journaling, art… If you’d like to join us there let me know.

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