Lesson 4 – Vayeira – And Appeared

VAYEIRA – And Appeared



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4 thoughts on “Lesson 4 – Vayeira – And Appeared

  1. I have listen to the video, read todays Torah. I have started learning the Alph Bet. Practiced writing and trying to memorize the first 5 letters but got lost on those vowels lol. Will keep trying and thank Keren and Cindy for all the hard work getting this ready for us.

  2. Thanks and blessings to you Rena for being a ‘talmidah tovah’ (good student) and doing so much homework! Welcome to the Challenged-by-Vowels club. This is common to almost everyone so don’t be concerned. They do gradually begin to sink in! Remember “le’at, le’at” (leh-aht, leh-aht – slowly, slowly!)

  3. Hi Keren – saw the book “Our Father Abraham” 1979 in S.Africa – bought a copy – read it in 2011 – it helped to propel me into the Hebrew roots movement since then .( Put off learning Hebrew for a while now ) . Saw your “His Israel ” website .What a helpful introductory course , just what I need to get going .
    Thank you so much for this site and for this course in particular . ( Immigrated to N.Z.in 2003 )
    Should have read ” Our Father Abraham ” many years earlier than I did. Will try to promote your site as much as I can . – Thank you. Tov meod.

    Kind regards
    Lionel Clarkson.

    • Hi Lionel, I’m happy to hear that you finally got to read ‘Our Father Abraham’ – truly an early classic.
      Even more happy that you are beginning with Hebrew and have found His-Israel! 😀 May you be blessed by both.
      Thank you for spreading the word.
      Best regards,

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