Shalom dear present or prospective talmidim / students,

Firstly, kol ha’kavod – good for you! – that you are showing an interest in Hebrew and hopefully have a desire to learn the revived and restored biblical language of the prophets and of modern Israel.
Although we offer a simple, unsophisticated, “home-made” course for Beginners here on His-Israel, we believe you can learn much and establish a good foundation for  any further studies of Hebrew to which you may progress.  Hebrew Bytes also is useful as a revision excercise, to refresh any Hebrew you already may know.

To gain the maximum benefit from the lessons reqiures your cooperation and some Homework in the form of the following:

A. Print out and familiarize yourself with the following Charts: (Find in Hebrew Helps)

1. Aleph-Bet Chart with Book Print, Script, Letter names,  Pronunciation and Transliteration.

2. Vowel Chart

Exercise: Write out each letter 8 times, using each of the vowel symbols and sound them out. E.g., the letter Bet :

בָ –  bah,  בַ – ba,  בֶ – beh,  בֵ – bei,  בֹ –  boh,  בֻ – boo,  בִ – bi, בְ – b’

3. The Sofit (Final) Letters

We will be referring to them during the lessons.

B. Print out the Hebrew Writing Chart  and practice, practice, practice!

C. A suggestion – after each lesson practice writing out the Vocabulary list.

An excellent idea is to create your own dictionary “My Hebrew Dictionary” – מילון עברות שלי  (Milon Yvrit Sheli) and enter new words as you learn them. You can use letters from the Illustrated Letters page as dividers and to decorate each letter’s page. They are available in large and small letters and you can enjoy designing your own layout.

We recommend using a three-ring binder, which helps you add pages as you build your Vocabulary and you can store your charts from Hebrew Helps in back.

Remember that Hebrew goes from right to left! So your front cover will be at what usually is the back.

Here is Cindy’s great binder-dictionary as an example!

HB Dictionary Title Pageunnamed-1

Dictionary Sample Page

You can download the Vocabulary Table HERE

Together with the approximately 20 minutes to half-hour lesson, please try and set aside a regular time for the homework practice, at least half an hour during the week and a quick review before each next lesson.

D. Homework Exercises A selection of excercises is provided whereby you can test yourself on your progress!

Then together with …

1624181_10201611189828306_1690659464_n …in the Lord’s help and enabling (Zechariah 4:6)! – you will be well on your way to enjoying and getting to know this amazing gift of God –  the language of Hebrew.

Every warm blessing and encouragement as you do,

Morah (teacher) Keren, together with the invaluable help of Cindy

4 thoughts on “LETTER to HEBREW BYTES STUDENTS – Talmidim

  1. I really want to congratulate you on an excellent blog with wonderful content. I admire your dedication and commitment to unlocking the wonders of our Hebraic heritage in Yeshua for one and all to enjoy.
    Thank you!

  2. Hi Keren, enjoying the lessons, although I am a slow beginner when it comes to the Hebrew language, will take some time, but am enjoying 🙂

    • Shalom dear Jenny! Good for you… please be encouraged to persevere. Even if it is ‘leat le’at’ – slowly slowly, one step at a time. Hebrew is part of His great restoration and plan of Redemption so it’s worth it!

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