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Intro to Liminal Space

What is a liminal space? The dictionary defines a limen as a threshold. A liminal space, therefore, is a circumstance within a space of time that is situated at the limen – the place where one condition is drawing to a close and another is beginning.

The Liminal Spaces of Life

When we arrive at the limen, or threshold,  for example of a new year, we need to pause a while and catch our breath before we step out of this liminal space and fully embark on the path

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The Liminal Space of BLESSING

The threshold between living in a state of blessedness and one of curse is the place of awareness and choice. When we become caught up in the rushed tempo of modern life, it becomes extremely difficult

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ENCOUNTERS in Liminal Space

We may consider liminal space as a threshold, that place where one is neither here nor there – the space between a starting point and a destination. It is of interest to study the encounters

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The Liminal Space of the Mezuzah

Jewish people have this custom of affixing a small box to our doorframes and entrance gates. It usually is a slim, oblong container that can be made from various materials such as plastic, wood, ceramics or metal, including

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