Man Is Not Alone (1) – Man Stands Between God And The Beasts

Man Is Not Alone


* Man is always faced with the choice of listening either to God or to the snake.

* Man is the knot in which heaven and earth are interlaced.


Between God and the Beasts   3.25 mins. [from Ch.20 – The Essence of Man]


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[from Ch.15 The Divine Concern]

The concern for others is not an extension in breadth but an ascension, a rise. Man reaches a new vertical dimension, the dimension of the holy, when he grows beyond his self interests, when that which is of interest to others becomes vital to him.

…The self, the fellow-man and the dimension of the holy are the three dimensions of a mature human concern.

…Our first impulse is self-preservation. …If life is holy, as we believe it is, then self-regard is that which maintains the holy. …The moral task is not how to disregard one’s own self but how to discover and be attentive to another self.

The self is not evil. The precept: “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” includes the care of one’s own self as a duty. …To serve does not mean to surrender but to share.

“Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself,” concludes with the words: “I Am the Lord.” It is this conclusion that contains the ultimate reason for that solemn command. True and timeless is the command; but if God were not God, there would be no truth, no timelessness and no such command.

~Keren Hannah


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