More Thoughts For Elul

More Thoughts For Elul

My heart says to you, seek out my countenance, Your countenance, G-d, I seek.*

As water reflects a face, one heart reflects another.**

The acronym for Elul (Ani l’dodi v’dodo li – I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me) is a reminder that our relationship with G-d is one of reciprocal love – a spiraling back and forth of love and desire between ourselves and our Beloved.

As we enter this particular season of repentance (teshuvah) and spiritual reflection, may we remember that the countenance of G-d in response to our teshuvah is one of loving joy!

More Thoughts For Elul

* Psalm 27:8
** Proverbs 27:19

6 thoughts on “More Thoughts For Elul

  1. Thank you once again for, a wonderful feast, this Elul course and material is brilliant. And thank you both for listening to our mighty wonderful Lord. Bless you Both in all ways.

  2. Thank you for these thoughts on repentance. I understand better what Yeshua meant when he said ‘repent’. Will there be another document for the final 11 days? Blessings, Anne

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