My Hebrew Dictionary

Shalom talmidim tovim… good students of Hebrew,

A suggestion – after each lesson practice writing out the Vocabulary list.

An excellent idea is to create your own dictionary :
“My Hebrew Dictionary” – מילון עברות שלי (Milon Yvrit Sheli)and enter new words as you learn them.

You can use letters from the Illustrated Letters page (found under Hebrew Helps) as dividers and to decorate each letter’s page. They are available in large and small letters and you can enjoy designing your own layout.

We recommend using a three-ring binder, which helps you add pages as you build your Vocabulary and you can store your charts from Hebrew Helps in back.

Here is Cindy’s great binder-dictionary as an example!

HB Dictionary Title Pageunnamed-1

Dictionary Sample Page

Download the Vocabulary Table HERE


Have fun!
Morah Keren

2 thoughts on “My Hebrew Dictionary

  1. Although this is taking a lot of time getting into this new learning curve I am confident it will become easier. These 68 year old ears are not familiar to these sounds. But I have learned life does permit old dogs to teach and learn new tricks. It is not impossible if we just press through. I find this is worth pressing through and I would encourage everyone to do just that. As a Christian I can’t imagine the impact it would make on someone Jewish if I spoke to them implementing a few words in their own language. Thanks you so much for all the work and caring being put into these lessons and placing them on line so if we do get behind we know where to go to ‘catch up’. Blessing in the precious Name of our Lord and Messiah Yeshua.

  2. Shalom Roz! Love and blessings to you and Buddy from Jerusalem! Thank you for your words of encouragement – and grace to you as you persevere with this special language of Hebrew. It truly is a part of all that God is restoring in these days and how wonderful if you get a chance to speak some with any Jewish people He may bring across your path. Baruch HaShem!

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