Numbers in Hebrew

Cardinal Numbers 1 – 10

Hebrew numbers have masculine and feminine forms.  The feminine form is generally used for regular counting and, for example, in telling the time and telephone numbers.

jpeg cardinal numbers

See and Download Chart – Cardinal Numbers HERE

Ordinal Numbers  – Days of the Week 

Hebrew uses ordinal numbers for the days of the week, following the pattern of Creation.

Day 1 – Yom Rishon;  Day 2 – Yom Sheni;  Day 3 – Yom Shlishi,  etc.

Days Chart

Yom is a masculine noun, so the masculine form of the ordinals is used. The feminine form adds either the letter hey, giving the ending an ah sound, as in rishonah, shniyah, or a tav, as in shlishit, revi’it, chamishit.

See and Download Chart – Days of the Week Chart HERE

Numerical Value of Hebrew Letters

Each letter has a numerical value and numbers often are  written using the Hebrew letters.

aleph = 1; bet = 2; gimmel = 3; dalet = 4, etc.

Meaningful insights can be discovered in the relationship between the Hebrew letters of words in Scripture and their numerical value.

See and Download Chart – Numbers in Hebrew HERE

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