Ode To Spring

free_israel_photos_flowers_kalaniot_640*Kalaniot (Anemones) in the western Negev fields.

The flower buds appear on the earth, the time of singing has come, and the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land. (Song of Songs 2:12 ESV)

Spring — the time when buds unfurl and leaves fan out from the branches of trees. God has thrown open a door and life springs forth from the earth. After the gray confines of winter, this season of rebirth and hope overwhelms the senses with color and fragrance.

The month of Nissan always falls in Spring and reminds us in a practical hands-on way as we “spring-clean” our homes; that we who were once slaves to the world are now willing servants of God. We thoroughly clean the refrigerator and oven, sorting our cabinets and shelves, checking everything for chametz, carefully removing all breadcrumbs as we prepare for Passover. Clean out the house – clean out our souls! Time for a sparkling new bebinning!

Ode to Spring

Sun drunk flowers
sway in the soft spring breeze.
Fragrant faces
of brilliant hue.

In freshly feathered nests
birds hearken to the gossip of Spring.

Windows thrown open wide
bring Spring’s honeyed voice inside.
Her breath pollen laden
spreads the contagion of her fever



A fresh new beginning!


* Ronnie Copas – Passover Cleaning

~ Cindy & Keren

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