Prayer for the RESTORATION of ZION

 A beautiful prayer by Rabbi Yechiel Tzvi Lichtenstein (a Messianic Jew), published in 1887 with the preface: “We set our hearts day and night to Jerusalem and its exalted place. Whoever has eyes to see let him see, and whoever has ears, let him hear!”


O LORD, in accordance with all of your acts of righteousness, let your anger and wrath turn away from your city Jerusalem, your holy mountain.

Our Father, our King, lift a banner to the peoples to return Israel to its pasture. Gather us from the four corners of the earth to our Land, and plant us within its borders on the mountain of our inheritance.

Bring us to Zion, your city, with singing and to Jerusalem, your holy city, with eternal joy. Build it in your compassion and let it remain perched and inhabited in its place. Establish your Holy Temple in it and gladden us in your House of Prayer.

Return your Dwelling Place to Zion, your city, and send us Yeshua our Messiah a second time. Let him reign upon the Throne of David in Jeruslaem, your Holy City.

Lift up the horn of the salvations of your people Israel in the house of David your servant – salvation from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us, just as you have spoken through your prophets.

O Lord, hear! O Lord, forgive! O Lord, listen and act! Do not delay for your Name is called upon your city and upon your people. Hurry HaShem, to help us! Ransom your people Israel from its iniquities and from all its troubles, for the time to be gracious has come. The appointed time has come.



Scripture references:

Daniel 9:16; Jeremiah 50:19; Isaiah 11:12; Exodus 15:17; Zechariah 14:10; Isaiah 56:7; Luke 1:69-71; Daniel (:19; Psalm 38: 23 [22]; Psalm 130:8; Psalm 25;22; Psalm 102:14 [13].

** From brochure printed by Vine of David,

  • Artwork: Alex Levine, Jerusalem

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