Prayer – A Blessing and a Gift

The past Chief Rabbi of the UK, and a world renowned author and teacher, Sir Jonathan Sacks said of prayer: “In prayer we speak to God. Through Torah [HIs teaching and Word] God speaks to us. Praying, we speak. Studying, we listen.” *

It is a gift and blessing to seriously and lovingly share and communicate with another, whether with a friend, a sibling, parent and child, or even with a stranger. Each one receives a gift and bestows a blessing. Our Father God is communicating with us constantly. In the study of His Word and awareness of His Presence in all things, we can ‘hear’ Him and receive the blessing He wants to convey to us. The question is, how can we communicate and bless Him in return? We have been given the gift of prayer.

Of course, our deeds bless Him as well. Just as a natural parent is proud and happy to see a child doing well and even striving to do a good deed although he might not fully succeed, so our Father is blessed by our efforts. A parent does not want a child simply to sit, or stand, and talk to him or her all day. The worst thing a child can do, on the other hand, is to ignore and not acknowledge a parent who loves them and has done all in their power for their good. Likewise, our heavenly Father is blessed when we talk to Him, share our joys and our sorrows; and ask for His counsel and help… and also praise Him and thank Him for the life He gives us and for all the good He bestows upon us. Just as Yeshua prayed and taught us to pray.

* Taken from “The Koren Siddur” with translation from the Hebrew and commentary by Rabbi Jonatahn Sacks. This is a beautiful, comprehensive and inspiring book of prayer and comes highly recommended.


Aaronic Blessing, by Hanna Wills, Calligraphic Print, Hebrew/English, 18.0” x 12.0”

~ Keren Hannah

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