JERUSALEM has mountains round about her, and the Lord is round about His people from this time forth and forever.

Beitar Elite from Gush Etzion - Elchanan


Ascending to Psalm 125 an unshakeable trust in the Lord is proclaimed.

“Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides forever!” (NKJV)

What joy to linger at this verse for a while and allow the truth of the statement to settle deeply in our hearts.

As we have seen historically, enemies desecrate and have caused destruction and destroyed, God’s House – the Holy Temple. However, nothing man can do alters the fact that the physical place –  Mount Zion, His City Jerusalem, and His Land of Israel –  is His alone; chosen and set apart for His Presence and sovereign purposes. Also unchangeable is the fact that He chose to give Mount Zion, Jerusalem and the Land to His people Israel as an inheritance for all eternity.

When Israel is settled in her rightful place in the Land she must defend it, to the best of her ability, against those who attack and aim to claim it by force for their own selfish purposes. Too often, throughout history, nations who are mighty in their own strength have conquered and overcome the physically smaller and vulnerable nation of Israel. Though they proudly set themselves up on God’s holy hill of Zion, Israel can rest assured that the evil ones will one day fall and she will be restored to her rightful place; just as we have been privileged to witness in our own generation.

Verse 4 is a prayer that God will do good to those who determine to remain righteous and faithful to His Word and ways, holding firmly to their trust in Him in the midst of a world  filled with violence, unbounded evil, and deceit. There will be those who choose to turn from God’s way of truth and loving-kindness (chesed ve’emet) and who will place their confidence in the power of man and the crooked ways of the world. The Father knows, however, those who are upright in heart, who have their trust rooted in Him. For such, who remain Israel, His people, the final crowning verse promises:

שלום על ישראלShalom al Yisrael! – Peace upon Israel!

We can rest in true, eternal, boundless Shalom in Him who loves us with an eternal love and who has promised to enthrone His King, our Messiah, on Mount Zion – from whence His Kingdom of Peace will be established in truth and righteousness over all the earth.

May it be soon and in our time!


* Pic: Beitar Elite from Gush Etzion – by Elchanan

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