“Everything is foreseen, yet free will is granted.”
Nevertheless, every event on the “stage of life” occurs
exactly according to the script written by the “Director”
– He Who created the characters, watches over them,
– assigns the roles, and controls everything.

Gadi Pollack

~ Review by Cindy

Purimshpiel is a telling of the story (megillah) of Esther – illustrated and written by one of my favorite illustrators and storytellers, Gadi Pollack – an artist who uses his talent l’shem Shamayim (for the sake of Heaven). The events of the Book of Esther are presented in the light of Chazal and Midrashim sources.*

A large oversized book with text in both Hebrew and English, the translation of Megillat Esther [the Scroll of Esther] is taken from The Margolin Edition of the Torah.**

A fun, whimsical telling in the spirit of a traditional purimshpiel (Purim Play) that tells the story of Esther on multiple levels. Both the text and illustrations are touched with humor and so many details that will  keep any age enjoying this read time and time again.


You can purchase Purimshpiel here via Amazon.com Purim Shpiel

It’s Purim!
A time to celebrate, with fun and laughter, the joy, light, and salvation to be found in our G-d!

* Each source is noted at the back of the book.
** The Chumash (5 books of Moses) with Haftorahs (portion read from The Prophets), The Five Megillot (Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, and Esther), and the Complete Sabbath Prayers with a translation based on Rashi and other traditional sources, integrating both the explanation and translation of the verse into the text itself. Available via Feldheim.com

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