Rachem – Yossi Azulay

Painting of splitting of the Red Sea copyright Lidia Kozenitzky, via wikimedia commonsLidia Kozenitzky, Splitting of the Red Sea*

Yossi Azulay

~ Cindy

The ancient Hebrew pictograph for rachem (רחם) draws a beautiful picture.  With the resh (ר) we see the head of a person, the chet (ח) a fence (illustrating protection), and with the closed mem (ם) a picture of a womb. The letter mem itself (מ) is connected to water and can also signify chaos.


Joined together these letters place one inside a womb – hidden, surrounded, and protected from chaos. A safe place where life springs forth. To live in G-d’s mercy, his compassion and tender affection, is to live in His womb.

In a world that seems to go more insane by the minute – calling good evil and evil good – what better time to be calling out to G-d : “Rachem, rachem!  Mercy;  have mercy on Your people, and Your city, Jerusalem.”

Rachem is an easy prayer to learn. There are few words and many may already be familiar to you.

A moving, powerful prayer that for myself speaks the deep love and affection I have for G-d’s people Israel, and His Land.

You can listen below to Yossi Azulay’s passionate performance of Rachem.

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Download the lyrics (Hebrew, Transliteration, and English) here: Rachem

* from wikimedia commons

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  1. My goodness this is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this! The description, to the transliteration to the ability to listen to it right here, thank you! This is very special.

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