Spiraling Up! IYYAR – FB LIVE

Shalom friends!

Sharing some thoughts on this important “in-between” month of separation, healing, and connection.

It is especially significant in the light of our Core Question for Nissan and Iyyar:

”How might this new understanding (what we are learning this month) affect your relationship with G-d, with yourself, Ana with others?”

Press in to His Word and stand strong on His promises!

All in His love,



5 thoughts on “Spiraling Up! IYYAR – FB LIVE

  1. Thank you Keren. So many “jewels” in this teaching and so perfect to hear in this month. I love how you show us this beautiful blue of the Sapphire and the time of counting the Omer. Beautiful and insightful and encouraging!! Blessings and may we all hear clearly and heal dearly in Yeshua!!♡

  2. Oh, and I left the comment while still listening, so I will add –agreeing in prayer for all Israel and our nations, and for your safe and soon homecoming to your beloved home in Jerusalem!! Love from Shayndel

  3. Hi Karen, can’t tell you how many times I started listening,but kept being interrupted and have finally just listened to this treasure chest of thoughts which,clearly I will need to revisit and meditate on. It is indeed a word for our season and how we need to be like the sons of Issachar.
    We continue to pray for Israel and give thanks for the emergency unity Government continuing in prayer for the outworking thereof.
    May you find peace in your circumstances and hear Abba’s voice clearly in these days of separation.
    Ann xXx

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