I’m happy to introduce a great couple and beloved friends of mine [Keren] and of His-Israel,  pastors Mike and Karen Davis, who live and minister as life-coaches in Redwood, California.

Mike shares a deep lesson with us this month on ways to 1) recognize (be aware of), 2) acknowledge, and 3) take responsibility for, and overcome emotions, (including the dire character trait of ANGER.) 4) Breathe! and 5) analyze and redefine your story! 

The root of God’s anger is constructive… it’s redemptive, and stems from His love and concern for the values that are important to Him – Love, life, and blessing for each one created in His image.

KEY advice: Be aware of the STORY that makes you angry…and being a Victim, and be the Victor…change it, realistically, for the better! TELL A DIFFERENT STORY!

Love this!  Thank you Mike!

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