We are launching our Reflect & Discuss section with the somewhat humourous but, on the other hand, carrying deeper significance, question of:

“Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg?


This conundrum is addressed in an article by Simon Brown, who posits:

“We all know birds are born from eggs, so where did the first egg come from to produce the bird? Did the egg just appear from nowhere on its own?
Or where did the first chicken come from to produce the first egg? Did the chicken just appear from nowhere on its own?
One cannot be produced without the other, and one of them must have come first to produce the other. They both need one another to make each other.”

That’s true… so what do you think?

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  1. I believe the chicken was created by God, made to reproduce. Just as mankind was created, by God, to reproduce.

  2. The Chicken came first with the ability to reproduce after it’s kind as did everything else. Like Adam and Eve and the animals in The Garden. All created with the ability to reproduce after it’s kind.

  3. I believe God created the chicken first, yes for reproduction, but with a little more. That egg, left alone, wouldn’t have hatched into the chick. It needed to be nurtured, kept warm, protected – ie. loved 🙂

    1. Marie I LOVE what you brought into the conversation here – ‘it needed to be nurtured, kept warm, protected – ie. loved’ – a beautiful thought.

    2. Yes I agree Marie, our Father made all things, and love what you say about the need to be loved and kept warm and nurtured. We all do don’t we.

  4. i’ve often thought about that, and found the answer to be quite obvious.
    YHVH is the creator of all things, and the chicken was created by YHVH.
    it certainly did not come from some salamander that evolved into a chicken,
    no more than we humans evolved from some ape man.

  5. Personally I believe that our Creator created a chicken. .. just as He created all the birds of the air…. just as He created the animals… just as He created us…. as a whole grown chicken… and then after that first animal was created… he gave them the ability to procreate. . Whether to lay eggs… or babies or whatever. ..

  6. Great comments everyone. And spot on with the evidence for the chicken being right there at Creation in GENESIS 1:20-22.
    Science has opened a door on this question too with the fact that all living creatures are composed of DNA – the individual molecules that constitiute building blocks of a person or creature. The mother hen has the DNA that is passed on to the egg, which produces the building of the chick’s body. But, where did the first chicken come from with the complicated, perfect sophisticated DNA building blocks to begin with? Did it just evolve?

    Simon Brown says, ” DNA is far more complicated and sophisticated than the inner workings of a mechanical clock, which is clever and complex. As we know the Clockwork Mechanism did not develop itself by random chance or accident, but was created by intelligent designers called human beings. Likewise, the mathematical odds of the complicated and sophisticated and perfect DNA developing by random chance or by accident are impossible.
    As humans built the complex mechanism of the clock, so did God create the first complicated and sophisticated DNA in the first chicken that created the first egg, that built the first chick.”


    1. Yes! absolutely nothing happened by chance. It takes a greater leap of faith to believe the evolutionary theories than it does to accept that God created and designed the earth for a purpose.

  7. On the fifth day, יום חמשי, when sea, and flying creatures came into being the chicken was created with the egg inside of her, along side her male companion the who was created with a complete set of reproductive organs. Just as we are born with reproductive organs which develope with the passage of time.
    How great is our G-D that He designed every detail with purpose.
    From every hair, cell.. DNA RNA, hormones….
    every little detail from the greatest to the least.

  8. As with everyone here I agree the chicken was there at creation – fully grown, fully able to reproduce. A little off track but amazing to me about the chicken is it’s egg and how God so perfectly designed it. The eggs are so strong the hens can sit on them (arched end pointed up) and they don’t break. Yet they are so delicate a chick can peck it’s way out of it – wonderfully and perfectly made!

  9. Chicken came first as I believe creation says God created “birds and animals.” I believe the frets birds then laid the first eggs.

  10. Dear Keren Hannah

    Chicken or egg?
    This was a problem which I struggled with for many years until I read an article by Dr David Reagan of Lion & Lamb Ministries. He, too, had had the same problem, which, like me, he’d largely swept under the carpet until one day the Holy Spirit confronted him with the question “Is the Bible the Word of God?” Soooo, if the Bible IS the Word of God, and God doesn’t lie, then obviously we are looking at a 6-day creation, and the chicken would have been created on day 5, complete with eggs in the oviduct. And suddenly the problem went away. Halleluyah!!

    So thanks to Dr Reagan, I am now a Biblical Young Earth creationist.

    The Lord bless you and keep you.

  11. According to the Bible, the Torah, God created all beings. Therefore, according to the Torah, we CAN say which came first.

    Let’s imagine that you visited Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden on the very day they were created. The world is six days old, and the first human beings are not even one day old yet. And yet, they are fully grown and intelligent beings. Obviously Adam and Eve did not start life as babies, for who would look after them? And so while their passport would indicate that they were born today, their bodies would indicate that they were fully matured adults.

    This is because the world was created complete. Out of nothing, G-d made a world ready to inhabit, and then created mature human beings to live in it. G-d created trees, not seeds; adults, not babies; mountains, not molehills.

    The old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg, is answered by the Torah. G-d made chickens, not eggs.

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