The Sabbath – To Sanctify Time (3)

The Sabbath - Heschel


To Sanctify Time [Epilogue] – 5.45 minutes 


Our world is a world of space moving through time –
from the Beginning to the End of Days.

One good hour may be worth a lifetime; an instant in returning to God may restore what has been lost in years of escaping from Him.

It is the dimension of time wherein man meets God, wherein man becomes aware that every instant is an act of creation.

To witness the perpetual marvel of the world’s coming into being is to sense the Giver in the given, to realize that the source of time is eternity, that the secret of being is the eternal within time.

The Sabbath leads us to a realm of endless peace, or to the beginning of an awareness of what eternity means.


Keren Hannah

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The Sabbath


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