The Wonder of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet – Introduction

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Twenty-two foundation letters

He hewed them

He combined them

He wove them together

He weighed them 

He interchanged them

And He created with them

the whole Creation

And everything that was to be created.


In order to create we need the light of inspiration – to “see” or envision what is to be created, and then the energy to take action, to put the thought into a visible form in order to bring it to life – to bring it from the abstract into reality. However, before we can form a thought in our minds we need words, and before the words we need the letters that build the words. 

Jewish sages consider that God looked into the letters that were to comprise the Torah and with them spoke the Universe into being. Just as the DNA molecule is a carrier of incredibly condensed information concerning the development of life, so too we can view the Hebrew letters of the Aleph-Bet as a cipher carrying a description of Creation and the Universe.  A rather mind-boggling concept! However, in this series I am hoping and trusting that we will at least get a glimpse and enjoy a taste of the wonder of the Hebrew Aleph-Bet.

Each month of the biblical calendar we will be exploring two Hebrews letters of the Aleph-Bet. We will examine its shape and form, the meaning of its name, its numerical value and deeper meanings it conveys. 

The Hebrew language is one of the miracles of restoration that God has enabled in His great redemptive work of the restoration of His Land and HIs people to it. 

May you enjoy participating in this series and receive the blessings every holy letter conveys. 

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