Prayer reminds me of the simple truths. We are surrounded by holiness. By beauty. By wonder and awe. At the same time, we must live as it is offered us, sometimes messy, sometimes challenging, potentially painful, potentially traumatic, a mixed bag of joy and sorrow. No matter what, our lives are enriched by prayer. Prayer gives our hearts a voice.

There’s no moment too small for a prayer. Or too large for that matter. A single petal of a rose. A field of wildflowers. A birth. A death. And there’s no moment too small or too large for gratitude.


Psalms and Prayers for a New Day
by Alden Solovy

~ review by Cindy

Alden Solovy is a well-known liturgist and has become a favorite writer of mine. His words are both beautiful and heartfelt and I find myself not just reading his words but praying them. These psalm and prayers are both profound and deeply seated expressions that stir yearnings in my heart and have often helped me form words that I couldn’t find on my own.

This stirring anthology contains over 100 poems, organized into nine sections to make finding what you are looking for easy:

  1. Days
  2. Seasons
  3. Shabbat
  4. Jewish Holy Days
  5. Other Special days
  6. Turning Points
  7. End of Life
  8. Grief
  9. Memorial Prayers

The Grateful Heart is deeply soulful.  Often used by myself for personal prayer, Alden Solovy truly does bend light onto the pages of this inspiring collection.

His new book This Joyous Soul is just as beautiful and inspirational.

You can find them both on

Visit Alden Solovy at To Bend Light

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  1. Thank you for posting this review. He and his prayer poetry has long been a blessing to me too! I appreciate the beautiful way in which you phrase your thoughts on his writings. Blessings!

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