Torah – A Bird’s Eye View – Introduction



More and more people are beginning to understand the value of the regular study of the weekly Torah portion. Many older folk have asked me, “Isn’t it too late for me to begin now?” My response is: “Better late than never!”

That, also, is my response to learning Hebrew and exploring the Hebraic heritage. Why? In each case every effort you invest is rewarded many times over.

In ‘A Bird’s Eye View,’ we examine an overview of each book as a whole, in order to lay a foundation for the study of the weekly portion. We will examine important themes and highlight  topics and aspects to look out for as you go through the book. It helps to see the bigger picture.

My hope, too, is that we approach the study of God’s Word with love, as a form of worship of Him. With this  approach the Word  becomes a Torah (teaching) of love.
When we read it with an expectancy, with an ear to hear, we begin to identify God’s voice speaking to us as a loving Father who longs to make His love and will known.
In addition, we come to a greater understanding of just how relevant and applicable His Word is in relation to our personal lives and also to what is happening in the world in general.

This year, may you invest some of your time in reading and exploring the layers of meaning in every weekly Torah portion. No matter how many annual cycles you accomplish, you find that with each cycle the Torah becomes richer and deeper.

~ Keren Hannah 

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    1. HI Denisse! These will only be ‘A Bird’s Eye View’ at the start of each book of Torah… not of each weekly portion unfortunately. 🙂 But that is a thought to consider.

  1. I would very much like to learn from your teaching Hannah and I thank you for all you are doing. I am grateful and bless you.
    Will the teaching now start with your HIS-ISRAEL emails or do I have to register.
    With blessings, Janet

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