17th October 2020 / 2 October 2021

This week we begin afresh the reading of the Torah – G-d’s letter of love to us His people.

We are always “beginning” and yearning to learn more of our Father in Heaven and to see HIs face more clearly. As we delight in His Word this year, and follow in the footsteps of our Master Yeshua, may we continue in our quest to grow more like Him – and to become more of our true selves created in His image – more holy and more whole, for His greater glory in the earth.

The six letters of the first Hebrew word of the Torah – בראדית (B’reisheet – In the beginning)  spell out the Godly attributes we need to be strengthening in our emulation of Him.

ב – B – bitachon – TRUST        Have complete trust in G-d and His love.

ר – R – ratzon – HIS WILL        Have a deep desire to live in accord with His will.

א – EI – ahavah – LOVE           Have a great love for Him and for our fellow human beings.

ש – SH – shtikah – SILENCE   Have godly self control and wisdom of words.

י – EE – yeerat HaShem  – AWE    Have awe and a reverential fear for G-d.

ת – T -TORAH     Finally, study the Torah in love and receive the transformation and                               holiness it will impart into your life.


We are happy to share the excellent FFOZ calendar this year.

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