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  • Keep a Prayer Notebook or Journal. Especially note specific prayer requests and record answers with grateful praise!
  • Copy or print out prayers from His-Israel or from other sources that inspire you. 
  • Write out meaningful Scripture verses that relate, and proclaim them. 
  • Start to pray through the Psalms, daily if possible. 
  • Invest in a Hebrew-English Siddur (Daily Prayer Book). The Koren Siddur is recommended. Start brushing up on your Hebrew. Hebrew prayers are powerful! 
  • Sign up on the His-Israel Home page to receive the monthly Newsletter, which will include VIP Prayer Points particularly connected with Israel. The Shalom of the nations depends upon the Shalom of Jerusalem.

It is time to take a united stand against the enemy of our souls and raise up valuable, important and powerful prayers in fervent, believing faith, with the authority invested in us by our High Priest Yeshua.

Let us also fervently proclaim the timeless truth of the Word of God, trusting that the schemes and curses of evil will be be made null and void and that our God will arise and His enemies be scattered.

For His Name’s sake in Love.

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