Hebrew Bytes – Vowel Sounds

jpeg vowel chart

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3 thoughts on “Hebrew Bytes – Vowel Sounds

  1. I have been practicing writing the alph bet but though I would look at the vowel sounds. So here is my first of I am sure many questions. The marks are the vowel signs that give different sounds to the words correct?

    • Rena o’vey so sorry in taking so long to respond here! If you add a vowel mark to say bet it would go from being a short b sound to a ba or boo or beh… depending on the vowel mark. In HB lesson 7 Keren begins to go over each letter and walking us through each letter with each vowel mark which is a wonderful exercise to continue practicing on our own ♥︎

      • Thank you Cindy, don’t worry about time. I get side track with so many things to do sometimes it takes me several tries just to read the Torah portions. Some times I go days before I have time to check my emails. Love to you.

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