You and I – Leonard Nimoy

Kavanah is a Hebrew word meaning intention and focus. The rabbis often speak of ‘kavanah of the heart’ in terms of prayer. This Hebrew word is deeply significant as we stand on the threshold of the Hebrew calendar month of ELUL.

The following poem speaks into this season of repentance and reflection as a reminder that we do have a set time that we walk on this side of eternity. And that knowing, that realization, is a gift!

As we move into Elul may we have intent and focus and may every intention and thought of our hearts be profoundly aware of the One to whom we are speaking.

You and I *
Leonard Nimoy

I am not immortal.
Whatever I put off for later
May never be.
Whoever doesn’t know now
That I love them
May never know.
I have killed time.
I have squandered it.
I have lost days…weeks…
As a man of unlimited wealth
Might drop coins on the street
And never look back.
I know now, that there will be an end,
A limit.
But there is time
Valuable and precious time
To walk,
Time to touch,
To warm the child
Who is cold and lonely.
There is time to love
I promise myself…
I will.
I am…
I am ready
I am ready to give
I am ready to give and to receive
I am ready to give and to receive love.

* Blog of Rabbi John Rosove

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